feelings of predecessors to carve out in the advanced technology

feelings of predecessors to carve out in the advanced technology


Construction sector
Tunnel construction shield construction general civil engineering building construction electrical work equipment work fire fighting equipment work, etc.
Road Stock inspection department
Age according to the characteristics of each facility, high facility about the need from the point of view of the social impact, and we are implementing the overhaul of safety.
EC site department
We we have run a mail order site at its own site.
Planning Division
We're going web site creation poster design printing event planning catering, etc..

Watanabe will continue to contribute to society Corporation.

Through the "construction sector"It will play a central role of the rich national land of realization and social capital development.

Through a "road Stock inspection department"We will strive to ensure the public's safety and security.

Through the "EC site department"We'll help so that everyone can become a better useful life.

Through the "planning department"Through the "planning department"We will cheer the people to challenge the various things.

Co., Ltd. Watanabe in this four pillars will continue to contribute to society.

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